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How to take beautiful images of your children on your smartphone

12 - 09 - 18

How to take beautiful images of your children on your smartphone

Are you always taking photos of your children on your smartphone, but never quite get an image that’s worth printing? Investing in professional photography doesn’t have to be the only time you achieve that. Nowadays, if you have a smartphone with a camera, then you have a pretty decent camera. You really don’t need to invest in an expensive digital camera. I hope that some of these tips will help you to improve your phone photography, enabling you to capture some beautiful print-worthy images!

Natural light I base all of my photography around natural light. Natural light gives off a subtle blue tone. Whereas if you’re inside and the lights are on, you will get a weird orangey tone. If you’re outside, natural light is easier to achieve. If you’re inside, try to take photos as close to the window as possible. Make sure lights are off, and try to take photos during daylight hours. It’s also best to keep your flash turned off, as this NEVER produces a beautiful image!  

Use the rule of thirds Composition is so important when it comes to photography, and this is where the rule of thirds comes in. To try and keep things simple, picture a photograph divided into thirds horizontally and vertically, with four points where the lines dividing the thirds intersect. You should aim to position your subject at one of the intersecting points. Thankfully, smartphones generally have the grid option available for you to turn on in settings. This means when your camera is on, you’ll see a grid which will enable you to position your little one and your camera lens appropriately. 

Be creative – Try to use different angles, for example, getting down to their level. This works really well for children! Try not to use the zoom function, as this will have a significant impact on the quality. Instead, move as close as you can, and then just crop the image after. Also, asking your child to sit still and smile for the camera is usually only going to frustrate both you and them! Have your phone at the ready, and just snap away whilst they are happily playing. Natural smiles are always the best!

Clean your lens – This is a simple one, but it can have a huge impact on the quality of your images! All you need to do every so often is wipe the camera lens with a microfibre cloth. This will help keep it clean and ensure your images are coming out crisp and clear. 

Focus – Before you take the shot, make sure the subject of your image (in this case, your child) is in focus! You’ll know, because they will be clear and the background of the image will be blurred. If they’re not in focus, simply tap your finger on the screen (try to do this on their eyes), to bring the focus of the image to where you’ve tapped. 

Be sure to let me know if any of these tips helped you! You can find me over on Instagram @amyfosterphotography. 

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