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Choosing a Branding Photographer

03 - 01 - 24

Brand & Commercial photography for creatives and small businesses | Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

Choosing a branding photographer can be hard. There are a lot of us out there, all offering different styles, at different budgets. But that’s actually what makes it a little bit easier! Here are three tips to help you choose the right photographer for you.

1. Style

The great thing about photography/art is there are so many different styles and variations. Do you want lifestyle imagery, with a natural and laid back feel, or do you want more formal and corporate looking headshots? Do you want your images to be edited in a specific style, for example, bright and colourful, or do you prefer more natural or muted tones? To help you understand what you prefer, have a look at your existing content/website (if keeping the same overall tone), or that of other brands that you like the look of. You will then start to get an idea of the kind of images you are drawn to. This will then help you to find photographers offering that style.

2. Budget

Kind of an obvious one but it is the natural next step to look at in terms of finding your perfect photographer. It is important to bear in mind that with branding photography especially, not only will you be charged for the session/images but also for the image licensing. Every time a business uses a photographers image, you will need a license to do so. Some photographers include the licence for all images delivered as part of their fee, others will charge per image in addition to their fee. If this isn’t clear when receiving a quote from a photographer, always ask!

3. Personality

Once you have your photographers narrowed down to style and budget. Another key thing to note is who you are booking! Taking photographs of people / their business is actually quite intimate. You need to be able to place your trust in the  photographer, be able to relax with them, and gel with them quite quickly! A few ways to help you think about this are to check out their social media pages, their website, how they come across on emails, and even have a quick video call with them. You will quickly be able to tell whether they are someone you think you can work with.

I hope this helps you find your photographer for your branding images! If you would be interested in working with me, feel free to reach out using the contact form below 🙂

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