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How To Choose A Family Or Newborn Photographer

24 - 05 - 19

So you’ve decided to book a photographer to document your family or your new baby’s arrival, and then you’re confronted by the hundreds of photographers to choose from! Here are five tips to help you choose the right photographer for you, and hopefully save you some time in doing so.

How to choose a family or newborn photographer

1)  Style. Every photographer has a different photographic style, which is great, because everyone will have a different personal preference on which styles they like and dislike! When considering which style you like best, look at colour tones, and which ones suit your personalities & home style most. For example, this could be natural, bright and airy, or moody and dark. Also think about whether you’d prefer candid, natural, images at home or an outside environment, or if you’d prefer more traditional, posed images in a studio. 

2)   Budget & pricing. Do you have a set budget, or an idea of how much you’d be able to spend? Once you’ve got an idea of this, be sure to look at the photographers pricing structures, so you understand exactly what’s included and what’s not before booking. As there are quite a few different ways that photographers structure their pricing! 

3) What’s included. This ties in with the above. Think about why you’re booking a photographer, and what you want from your session. Are you booking for the experience, a full collection of images to cherish and print as you wish, or perhaps just one or two images to print and display in your home? Once you know what you want, be sure to check what’s included in the price and if this suits you. 

4) The Photographer. It’s important to book a photographer you think you’ll trust, get on with, and feel relaxed in front of. Especially for family and newborn sessions! So read their About Pages, Testimonials, and look them up on social media. You’ll quickly get a feeling as to whether this is someone you think you could work with. 

5) Get in touch! Once you think you’ve found the right photographer for you, look at how you can get in touch with them, and find out what their booking procedure and availability looks like. I personally only take a limited number of family and newborn bookings each year, to enable me to give each of my clients a personal experience. So I always recommend getting in touch with me as quickly as possible, especially for newborn sessions! But every photographer will work slightly differently. 

And that’s it!

I hope you’ve found these tips useful. Please do let me know over on instagram where my DM’s are always open for a chat @amyfosterphotography. If you’d like to see more of my style, visit the portfolio