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Get To Know The Photographer {10 Random Facts About Me}

17 - 05 - 19

Newborn photographer in Buckinghamshire

I thought I would write something a little different for todays blog post. Something fun, and a bit more personal than the About Me page, so you can hopefully get to know me a bit better! I always enjoy reading these about other people, so I thought I’d give it a go myself. So, here are ten random facts about me:

1. I haven’t always been a photographer. My previous job was in Data Protection, which I did for about eight years. 

2. I’m double jointed and have freakishly bendy arms! It’s probably my best party trick. 

3. I can’t sing to save my life, but I do like to think I can rap really well. Actually, that’s probably my best party trick! 

4. I’ve been a vegetarian for about two years.

5. I was born on Valentines Day. 

6. My claim to fame is that I went to school with Aaron Taylor Johnson.

7. On the second day into our honeymoon, I ended up in A&E in Koh Samui after stubbing my toe on a rock, and had to have my whole toenail removed. So I spent the rest of our honeymoon hopping around with a bandaged foot!

8. I’m such a foodie! And I plan most outings/trips around where we can eat.

9. I’ve walked a marathon in London for a breast cancer charity. 

10. I have asthma and I’m allergic to some dog breeds, but I’m totally fine with my cockerpoo, Teddy!  

I would love for you to join me over on instagram and tell me one random fact about yourself. I’d love to get to know you too! You can find me @amyfosterphotography. 

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