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Your Top 5 Excuses

09 - 03 - 20

Newborn Photography, Your Top 5 Excuses, Amy Foster Photography

I know, ‘your top 5 excuses’ sounds like a very presumptuous blog post! But hear me out. I’m always hearing excuses from mums about why they want to book a session, but ‘can’t’ for one reason or another. And more often than not, it’s the same reasons I hear, and I hate to think there are more of you out there putting off a shoot, and missing out on capturing precious memories. So, mamas, here’s some reassurance from me, and an attempt at busting your excuses! 

O N E – You don’t have the time

I get it. You are a busy mum, and can barely find the time to sit down in peace, let alone organise a photoshoot! But actually, booking a session is effortless, as I take care of all the planning and admin for you! Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your home, so there’s no need to ‘make time’ or think about having to go out with your new baby. I’ll just show up at a time of day that is most convenient for you, snap some gorgeous, natural photos, and be on my way! Lifestyle family sessions are just like a fun morning or afternoon out with family. Or if you’re really stuck for time, I can shoot your family at home, just like I do with newborns!

T W O – You can’t afford it 

This is the most common reason I hear. And I fully understand it! Photography isn’t a necessity. But it is an investment in capturing your families memories, which is priceless. You can earn money back, but you can’t earn back memories or time. I don’t ask for full payment up front, so it’s always split over two payments. And I can even offer you a payment plan (just drop me an email and ask how this works). I promise you, you will not look back on photographs of your family in years to come and regret investing in them! 

T H R E E – You don’t think you look good enough 

Your children see you as their world. You are their beautiful mother, just as you are! They don’t care how much you weigh, or how your hair looks. They are not going to look back at photographs of you with them and question why you didn’t get your nails done! 

F O U R – You’re not confident and feel awkward in front of the camera

Most people feel awkward in front of a camera. Even I do! But lifestyle photography is great for this, as it’s in a natural environment, and I keep things very low key (no fancy lighting in your face, or posing with props!). Think of it as meeting with a friend. I’ll chat with you, get to know your little ones, maybe have a cuppa, and then I’ll shoot some test photos, all before I even point the camera in your direction! I’ll encourage natural moments, and give you a bit of a steer if you’re nervous, and help you relax and feel at ease. 

F I V E – You’re worried about how your baby or children will behave 

This honestly needs to be the least of your worries! I have photographed many babies and children, and you won’t be surprised to hear that many of them had tantrums, tears, and plenty of nappies to change! But I’ve never not been able to provide my clients with a full gallery of beautiful images. I’m not going to rush you. If baby needs a few feeds, I’ll take myself off and shoot some nursery details. If your child wants a snack, we’ll sit down and have a snack. I’m not the kind of photographer that will be expecting your child to smile and look at the camera, in fact, I will actively discourage them from doing this! And actually, me telling them NOT to smile usually works well and gets them giggling. I essentially let the babies and children guide my sessions, rather than forcing them to do things they don’t want to do. 

I hope this has helped reassure you. Don’t put off being in the photographs any longer, mama. Let’s capture some memories together! 

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