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Five Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Newborn Session

14 - 03 - 23

Your newborn session is an investment. So it’s really important for you (and for me!) to make the most of it, and really get the best images that we can. We are pausing a moment in time, and capturing images that you will treasure for a lifetime. Baby photography is something I have been doing for […]

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Beautiful In-Home Storytelling Newborn Session

30 - 01 - 23

Welcoming Baby Imogen Baby Imogen’s beautiful in-home storytelling newborn session was my very first one of 2023! It was a sunny January morning, the light was stunning, and it was so warming to see just how in love her parents were with their new baby. As you will see from this selection of images from […]

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In Home Baby Photography Session

22 - 09 - 22

This in home baby photography session is an example of one of the many reasons I am solely an in home baby photographer. Photographing babies in their own home, in their own environment, interacting with familiar people/objects results in the most naturally beautiful images. Babies and families are always the most relaxed in their own […]

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Welcoming Baby Reggie

08 - 08 - 22

Baby looking directly at camera on mothers lap

Welcoming Baby Reggie I had such a wonderful time Welcoming Baby Reggie into the world with his lovely parents! Reggie was eight weeks old at his session and my gosh, he was just scrumptious! It was the perfect timing for him, he was super chilled and alert, staring right down the lens of the camera […]

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How To Choose A Family Or Newborn Photographer

24 - 05 - 19

So you’ve decided to book a photographer to document your family or your new baby’s arrival, and then you’re confronted by the hundreds of photographers to choose from! Here are five tips to help you choose the right photographer for you, and hopefully save you some time in doing so. How to choose a family […]

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Your Top 5 Excuses

09 - 03 - 20

Newborn Photography, Your Top 5 Excuses, Amy Foster Photography

I know, ‘your top 5 excuses’ sounds like a very presumptuous blog post! But hear me out. I’m always hearing excuses from mums about why they want to book a session, but ‘can’t’ for one reason or another. And more often than not, it’s the same reasons I hear, and I hate to think there […]

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Get To Know The Photographer {10 Random Facts About Me}

17 - 05 - 19

Newborn photographer in Buckinghamshire

I thought I would write something a little different for todays blog post. Something fun, and a bit more personal than the About Me page, so you can hopefully get to know me a bit better! I always enjoy reading these about other people, so I thought I’d give it a go myself. So, here […]

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Life’s Little Chapters

22 - 01 - 19

Lifes little chapters

“Are not there little chapters in everybody’s life, that seem to be nothing, and yet affect all the rest of the history?” – W.M. Thackeray  I thought I would write a little post about why I chose to go down the route of lifestyle photography. I don’t have any children of my own, so family […]

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