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Welcoming Baby Reggie

08 - 08 - 22

Baby looking directly at camera on mothers lap

Welcoming Baby Reggie I had such a wonderful time Welcoming Baby Reggie into the world with his lovely parents! Reggie was eight weeks old at his session and my gosh, he was just scrumptious! It was the perfect timing for him, he was super chilled and alert, staring right down the lens of the camera […]

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Your Top 5 Excuses

09 - 03 - 20

Newborn Photography, Your Top 5 Excuses, Amy Foster Photography

I know, ‘your top 5 excuses’ sounds like a very presumptuous blog post! But hear me out. I’m always hearing excuses from mums about why they want to book a session, but ‘can’t’ for one reason or another. And more often than not, it’s the same reasons I hear, and I hate to think there […]

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The Watch Me Grow Collection

28 - 06 - 22

Baby relaxing with mum in chair

I am so excited to finally be introducing this brand new luxury collection, called Watch Me Grow. This collection will include four photography sessions throughout your baby’s first year. It will also include luxury fine art products, such as a print bundle, folio album, and more. All documenting your little one’s first year of life. […]

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How To Choose A Family Or Newborn Photographer

24 - 05 - 19

How to Choose a Family Or Newborn Photographer | Buckinghamshire

So you’ve decided to book a photographer to document your family or your new baby’s arrival, and then you’re confronted by the hundreds of photographers to choose from! Here are five tips to help you choose the right photographer for you, and hopefully save you some time in doing so: 1)  Style. Every photographer has […]

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Rose newborn

Baby Pepper

10 - 04 - 19

Baby Pepper | lifestyle newborn session in buckinghamshire | Amy Foster Photography

Storytelling Newborn Session | Buckinghamshire | Baby Pepper This was one of my first spring 2019 sessions, and what a lovely one it was indeed! I’m now almost fully booked for spring, with some availability in May and June. However, my diary is now open for the remainder of 2019! I can’t wait to work on […]

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Rose newborn

Baby George

05 - 04 - 19

Lifestyle documentary newborn session Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

Storytelling Newborn Session | Buckinghamshire I know I’m biased and say this a lot, but my client’s are honestly the BEST! This family were so lovely and laid back. Little George was almost four weeks old, and his big sister Rosie had already transitioned into her new role perfectly. When I arrived we had a cup […]

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Rose newborn

Beatrice Lavender

26 - 11 - 18

Lifestyle newborn session in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

Lifestyle newborn photography session in Bedfordshire. I feel so lucky every time I have the privilage of visiting a family and their newborn baby. It’s such a precious time full of love, emotion and connection, and this is exactly what I will capture. Before a newborn session we will arrange a convenient time for me to […]

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